Venue and event rules

Venue and event rules

Dress Code

Dress to impress. No effort = no entry!


Absolutely no shorts, flip flops, or caps!

If not dressing to theme or in kink gear, dress as though you are going on a big date.

When in doubt,  collared shit and smart shoes will always look appropriate


Dress to theme, in your kink gear, or just damn sexy!

Cross dressers, Trans, Kinksters etc

Dress to theme, in your kink gear, or just damn sexy!

If you need any assistance with looking the part, please speak to our staff about our Sissy Corner where we stock a huge range of ladies wigs and clothing for all body types.

Themed evenings

We occasionally host themed evenings (Christmas, Egyptian etc.) where we encourage everyone to include at least some aspect of the theme in their outfit. Speak to our staff for assistance if you’d like to participate but don’t have the right gear and we’ll do our best to assist.

Make an effort and you could win an awesome prize!


No means no!

Please don’t aggressively flirt or “hover” if someone declines your advances

If you are a couple and interested in playing with another couple, the gentleman will typically discuss it with the other gentleman, OR the lady will discuss with the lady.

It is generally not acceptable for a man to approach a coupled woman and visa versa

Toys, lube, wipes and condoms are provided for your enjoyment. Please dispose of all consumables in the dustbin after use. Please leave used toys on the floor so that we can clean and disinfect them for the next visitor.

Club rules


Our patrons are a glorious mix of straight, gay, black, white, kinksers, gimps, pigs, littles, furries and everything in between. There is a good chance you will encounter people with different values and norms to your own. If you offended by any of this, please keep it to yourself when at the club.

If you’d like to attend events that cater to specific tastes (couples only for example), speak to our staff and we will advise of upcoming “Invitation only” events.

Door policy

Do not open a closed door -don’t even knock. It is closed because the occupants desire privacy.

If a door is ajar, feel free to enter. If the occupants of the room would like you to join, they will invite you.

If a door is open, this is generally an invitation to enter and join the occupants


No means no!

  • No violence
  • No drugs
  • No weapons
  • No unauthorized photographs


Please make sure to pay your entry fee and settle any bar tabs before leaving

Tipping your bar and cleaning staff is optional but highly appreciated.