What a weekend

Hello darlings,

So this weekend at FH saw so many new faces-new connections were made and new kinks explored.

We dressed up and made an entrance, while others dressed down and entertained us in sweet abandonment. Oh damn, how this lifestyle allows people to evolve and step out of their comfort zone.

This coming weekend I hope you will join us for out The right to be sexy party as well as our Taboo party.
This is where perverse meets kink. This is where we step out of our comfort zone, let our hair down and indulge without judgment.

Dare to be different in a safe space.



Good Morning Darlings,
Welcome to the first official blog for 2022.

Woke up this morning and had the incredible urge to have someone on all fours, in front of me. All I wanted to do was use that person as a footstool, a table. Rest my legs on their back as i leaned back in my chair and sipped on my coffee.

Maybe even have my human footstool act as a cushion while my lover fucked me on top of him. I presume my footstool is a man, strong enough to withstand every thrust as my lover had his way with me.
If only….

Kink, whether vanilla, bdsm, pleasures, sex, pain, or swinging is Needed. It’s an important part of any human interchange.
Pleasure is derived from just about any action that evokes satisfaction.

Indulging in something we absolutely enjoy-something that brings us pleasure, even something as simple as buying that sexy pair of shoes, is needed to exist.
The simple pleasure of buying or wearing lingerie and the thrill you experience when lace or satin touches your skin.
The pleasures of imagination and thought.

For the month of March, we will spend every day talking about a Fetish/Kink.

The A to Z of Fetish. The A-Z of what makes us smile, feel alive and gives us reason or purpose to continue that action.

Let’s meet on the 1st of March 2022 for our Chat at
THE FH ROOM with Miss Vee